Inspiring Kindness You Ambassadors.

Donations to charities by using Inspiring Kindness-campaigns. 

Donors to charities that are part in Inspiring Kindness Campaigns is defined as Inspiring Kindness Ambassador (TYA) TYA can also be a buyer of well-being subscriptions (where revenue will accrue to charity). As a donor to a charity, the TYA will also get a surface in increase communication and attention in return for their donation (both person-to-person and in redemption solution). The effect for the TYA by increasing the attention can also benefit logistic improvements, wellbeing experiences (changes customer's attitude) and customer loyalty.

To get an impression of how the display surface of campaign includes and create the ability to 
leverage the possibility to associate any potential customer to any kind of business, we will send you an demo code to you on your request (fill in info) .

Inspiring Kindness! – not only a fundraising tool but tool for improvement.

Besides supporting the charities’ mission, Inspiring Kindness! also serves as a unique communication surface and logistic improvement tool. There is an important association between customer’s purchasing habits, their well-being, and the company’s resource use to create loyalty in the sales process. It’s also known that attitudes toward a business have a significant impact on the success of both employees and customers. A better work environment, management, and respect can change how an employee sees a company, but the challenge many face is changing how a customer feels about a business.

WHY use Inspiring Kindness!?

- Affect the improvement of attitude in all levels – "integrating habits into who we are" .

- Improve well-being – to benefit employees – benefit logistics – benefit the economy.

- Catch and recognize the "good ones" (which also often are the loyal and responsible customers) that all businesses want to catch.

- By acknowledging "the good ones" we will create positive feelings towards the business. This will also aid in creating relationships and loyalty between customers and employees.

- All campaigns can be facilitated to improve the negative behavior of customers. Employees that notice annoying or negative behavior can reward those who’s behavior is opposite.

- All exploration of recognition will make it possible for the TYA to profile their name. They will also be able to increase their reputation by combining communication and the website of a charity. 

Through the combined solution, the TYA can offer - in cooperation with the charity – giveaways to reinforce recognition and in the same time improve customer loyalty and relations.

-Makes significant revenue for the ones that often represents “the good ones” – Charity organizations.

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