Inspire to ripple effect of kindness – also through catching and recognizing the kind ones.

Kindness is perhaps the most important tool we have to improve our society.  The charity Family Giving Tree has spent the last 26 years creating a methodology that triggers a ripple effect of kindness. This ripple effect has involved tens of thousands of donors and volunteers, and through common efforts helped more than 500 charities to identify and reach approximately 1.5 million needy kids.

Achieving so many successful missions to spread selflessness and kindness has motivated us to find new ways to expand our efforts. As a “logistics-charity”, Inspiring Kindness! reinforces the importance that kindness is not only about yearly events such as Christmas, but an everyday activity.

Our vision of spreading kindness combines many approaches. We start by recognizing and visually displaying the good deed that has been done, backed up by a donation triggered from the action. Another approach is the inclusion of law enforcement - who now have the option to give kindness citations, along with serving to enforce the law. This "citation" reinforces the positive behavior, and give law enforcement a new public perception. Law enforcement participation also triggers a donation to those spreading kindness - some of the many charities.

The spreading effect of kindness is extended to any “caught one” to be part of catching another "good one". This action not only triggers another donation, but creates a display surface for donors and charities to show the positive effect of the ripple effect of kindness they help to create.

If you are a participant to inspire to spread the effect of kindness, we will be happy to get you onboard – either as donor, charity, or law enforcement.

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